Easiest Way to Make Tasty Toasted Onigiri with Leftover Rice

Toasted Onigiri with Leftover Rice. This post may contain affiliate Onigiri, also known as Japanese rice ball is a great example of how inventive Japanese cuisine can be. Onigiri is so easy to adapt to your liking. It's nice that you recreate somehing new with leftover!

Toasted Onigiri with Leftover Rice Rice ball is called "Onigiri" in Japanese. Mostly it's shape is triangle and you can either mix ingredients into rice or fill your favorite ingredient in. Rice is shaped into triangles and wrapped in nori for a quick and easy Japanese snack – onigiri – that's a kid-pleasing lunchbox treat. You can have Toasted Onigiri with Leftover Rice using 3 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Toasted Onigiri with Leftover Rice

  1. It’s 600 grams of Hot cooked rice.
  2. You need 60 grams of Soy sauce or menstuyu (Japanese noodle dipping sauce).
  3. Prepare 10 of shakes Umami seasoning.

Rice shaped in triangles or balls filled with your favorite ingredients. Common fillings are pickled plums or salmon but just about anything salty will work and plain is also. There are two different styles of onigiri: those Onigiri—seasoned or filled, shaped rice—is a common snack across Japan. Well, I tried making onigiri from refrigerated sticky rice; I warmed it up first so it came out fairly well.

Toasted Onigiri with Leftover Rice step by step

  1. Add soy sauce or mentsuyu and umami seasoning into hot cooked rice and mix well. If possible, mix in a rice cooker to keep warm!.
  2. Spread aluminum foil on an oven pan. If you'd like to butter the onigiri, spread butter at this point..
  3. Preheat the pan in the toaster oven until hot (heating the pan avoids the onigiri from sticking to it)..
  4. While the pan is preheating, divide the rice into six portions and form into onigiri..
  5. Align the onigiri on the hot pan and toast for about 15 minutes. Keep your eyes on them and adjust the cooking time as cooking time varies by machine..
  6. When it's done, set aside to cool on the pan. When it's slightly cooled, it becomes easier to remove from the aluminum foil (it will stick and fall apart when still warm)..
  7. I usually use Ninben's "Tsuyu no moto" when I use dipping sauce, but I usually make this with soy sauce Try either one!.

I'll grant you that freshly made onigiri are nicer, but when I lived in Japan for nine years I knew people to make/freeze onigiri when they had too much leftover rice. Japanese-style rice meal or snack to go, stuffed with fish, and accented with nori; try onigiri rice triangles for endurance sports or travel. Instead of salmon, stuff onigiri with smoked or canned sardines, tuna, herring, trout or mussels. Instead of fish, stuff the onigiri with pickled low-FODMAP. Make sure to rinse the rice in several changes of water before cooking so that it isn't too gluey.

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