Recipe: Delicious Matcha Dango with 'Tsubu-an’

Matcha Dango with 'Tsubu-an’. My favourite type of Dango is 'Kusa Dango' and they are very green because the dough is made from Rice flour and young leaves of 'Yomogi' plant. Dango are Japanese dumplings served on a skewer, prepared in many ways, with various ingredients added to the flour and various toppings. Matcha Make the matcha dango by whisking the flours and matcha together.

Matcha Dango with 'Tsubu-an’ For Tsubu-an, Dainagon Azuki Beans (大納言小豆), the highest quality of azuki beans, are used. Combine Flour, Sugar, Salt and Water and mix well. Kyoto matcha desserts are a must-try when visiting Japan's historic city. You can have Matcha Dango with 'Tsubu-an’ using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Matcha Dango with 'Tsubu-an’

  1. Prepare 2 cups of Glutinous Rice Flour.
  2. You need 1 cup of Rice Flour.
  3. Prepare 1-2 tablespoons of Matcha Powder.
  4. It’s 1 of & 1/2 cup Warm Water *approximately.
  5. It’s of ‘Tsubu-an’ (Sweet ‘Azuki’ Red Bean Paste) *see my ‘Tsubu-an’ recipe.

Just to Kyoto's south is Uji, a small city famous for its green tea, much of which ends in Kyoto's many historical tea houses or inside the The moderately sweet tsubu-an and refreshing matcha tea creates an excellent harmony. Dango are a classic Japanese dessert that is available in endless varieties. They taste best with green tea Bocchan Dango are a delightful treat that comes in three colors and flavors: red (made with red bean Don't miss out! Accept notifications in order to receive the latest MATCHA articles and news.

Matcha Dango with 'Tsubu-an’ step by step

  1. Mix Flour and Matcha Powder, add warn water gradually, mix and knead to achieve the firmness of dough is same as firmness of your earlobe. (*This is traditionally taught.) It should be a bit dry to the touch. Make about 2cm balls..
  2. Cook the dumplings in rapidly boiling water. When the dumplings are floating, cook a few more minutes, then drain and place them in icy cold water to cool..
  3. Put the dumplings on skewers, 4 per skewer. Place plenty of ‘Tsubu-an’ on the dumplings..

Wybierz z szerokiej gamy podobnych scen. Not-so-sweet Tsubu-an: Japanese Azuki Bean Paste (revised and updated). Keroppi Matcha Macarons with Azuki Bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream. A blog sharing and selling Chiffon Matcha Azuki Bean T-Rex Choux Pastry (class + giveaway!) A blog sharing and selling Chiffon cakes created. Koshi-an is an a smooth paste made only from the inside parts of the bean combined with sugar.

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