Recipe: Appetizing Kielbasa with Veggies

Kielbasa with Veggies. Veggies, potatoes and Polish sausage topped with melted Cheddar cheese make this a delicious casserole. That's why we love this kielbasa and veggie bake; there's great protein and vegetables, all cut down to We just grab a package of our favorite kielbasa and dice it up; toss everything together and. Kielbasa sausage has deep savory garlic flavor which adds a ton of flavor to this veggie-loaded kielbasa soup recipe!

Kielbasa with Veggies I have been out of onions and bell peppers and have used a bag of frozen veggies. (The one I used had broccoli and. This flavorful and hearty Vegetarian Kielbasa is naturally vegan and gluten free. Super easy to make it's a satisfying and delicious dairy free alternative for everyone. You can cook Kielbasa with Veggies using 8 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Kielbasa with Veggies

  1. Prepare 2 packages of kielbasa (I used Hillshire Farms Beef Kielbasa).
  2. It’s of Red Potatoes (6),cut.
  3. You need Half of package of Baby Carrots.
  4. Prepare 2 cans of Green Beans, drained.
  5. It’s of I can’t believe it’s not butter, about 4 big tablespoons.
  6. It’s of Seasoned Salt, sprinkle.
  7. You need of Black Pepper, sprinkle.
  8. You need of Parsley Flakes, sprinkle.

I have a thing for rice dishes. Grilled Kielbasa & Vegetable Kabobs Ingredients. For this kielbasa recipe, you only need a few simple Skewer the veggies starting with the kielbasa, then the red pepper, onion, green pepper. Put kielbasa and veggies into the hot pan.

Kielbasa with Veggies step by step

  1. Boil baby carrots for about 10 min, add sprinkle of salt to boiling water….
  2. Add cut up red potatoes to boiling water, boil for 20 min to soften, drain.
  3. Meanwhile cut up kielbasa into coins and place into large baking dish, then add green beans (drain water from green beans)……
  4. Add drained red potatoes and baby carrots to baking pan with kielbasa and green beans.
  5. Add all other ingredients and stir…..
  6. Place in oven at 350 degrees and bake for about 40 minutes or until kielbasa is golden and potatoes and baby carrots are nice and soft….stir during baking time, I stirred mine about 3 times while it was baking…..
  7. Enjoy 😉.

Add soy sauce, hot sauce, chili powder and pepper. Stir occasionally until Kielbasa is hot and turns golden brown. Serve onto a plate and enjoy! The Kielbasa Veggie Bake is very similar to the Sausage Skillet, but with some I needed something easy to make last night due to my limited visual capacity, thus the Kielbasa Veggie Bake was invented. A sharp paring knife to cut veggies and Kielbasa.

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