Recipe: Perfect Musubi

Musubi. Musubi is the main female protagonist of the story and is the first of Minato 's Sekirei. She met Minato while literally falling out of the sky and was moved by his kindness. This caused her Sekirei Crest to react to him.

Musubi Marinated sliced luncheon meat is quickly pan seared then placed on top of rice and Spam Musubi is a popular snack in Hawaii. It is a type of sushi that has marinated cooked spam in sushi. I got this recipe from a local Hawaiian friend. You can cook Musubi using 3 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Musubi

  1. Prepare 2 cup of Rice.
  2. Prepare 1 can of Spam.
  3. You need 8 each of Nori strips.

Musubi, in the Shintō religion of Japan, the power of becoming or creation. In the accounts of the creation of heaven and earth in the Kojiki ("Records of Ancient Matters"), the three deities first named are Takami-musubi no Kami ("Exalted Musubi. Spam musubi onigiri is a snack made by marrying two similar dishes from two distinct islands. Spam musubi: -Originated in Hawaii -A slice a teriyaki glazed spam placed on top of a nugget.

Musubi instructions

  1. Cook rice as directed. I used brown rice but sushi rice, white rice, hapa rice would work.
  2. I cut the spam into 8 pieces but you could do 6 or 4. You could also use something else- tuna fish, chicken, leftover meat, veggie burgers, anything really..
  3. Brown spam in a frying pan. Add a little soy sauce if desired..
  4. Cut your nori (seaweed) strips if desired in the number of pieces, you can be creative here- big pieces, tiny, medium size or no nori at all..
  5. If you have a Musubi mold that's great- if not you can use the can of spam- just remove the other side of the can with a can opener and only fill about half way..
  6. Place the nori strip under the mold and add a bit of rice, pat the rice down, add the spam, add more rice, pat it down good and lift, wrap the nori around and turn over..

But I seriously cannot remember when the last time I had Spam was. Hawaiian spam musubi is the best! Ingredients are steamed white rice, musubi sauce, Spam and toasted seaweed. Musubi is easy to make at home and Musubi is a popular Hawaiian snack found all over the Hawaiian islands, at convenient stores and gas stations. This authentic Spam Musubi recipe comes from Hawaii.

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