Recipe: Delicious Debbie's Ham, Bean & Dumpling Soup

Debbie's Ham, Bean & Dumpling Soup.

Debbie's Ham, Bean & Dumpling Soup You can cook Debbie's Ham, Bean & Dumpling Soup using 12 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Debbie's Ham, Bean & Dumpling Soup

  1. You need of ham hocks.
  2. Prepare of or more cubed ham.
  3. Prepare of navy beans.
  4. Prepare of yellow onion diced.
  5. You need of carrots (handful of baby) diced.
  6. Prepare of couple cloves of fresh garlic minced.
  7. Prepare of salt and pepper.
  8. It’s of rosemary and thyme.
  9. Prepare of parsley and a couple bay leaves.
  10. You need of dry mustard.
  11. It’s of white vinegar.
  12. Prepare of water.

Debbie's Ham, Bean & Dumpling Soup instructions

  1. Prepare dry beans according to package, either soaking overnight or doing quick soak. Drain and add to a stock pot along with the ham hocks and ham cubes. Add approximately 8 to 10 cups of water, diced onion, diced carrots, minced garlic, and seasonings, to taste. Bring to boil, then turn down and simmer on low covered several hours. I let mine go maybe 4 hours or so. Note: I add the seasonings to taste. A pinch here, a shake or splash there. See, I am really no help, lol!!.
  2. After you are done simmering and your beans are tender, remove the ham hocks and bay leaves from your pot. You can use whatever ham you can get off of the ham hocks..
  3. Make your dumplings. I use maybe 4 eggs beaten, a little salt, and keep stirring flour into the eggs to get a semi stiff, yet sticky consistency. Drop by teaspoonfuls into boiling water and they will float when done. Drain and add to your soup..
  4. You will have to keep playing with your seasonings. My rule of thumb is add a little at a time so you don't overdo it! I find adding a little vinegar and dry mustard gives the soup a better flavor. Dad always liked vinegar in his bean soup and I add extra to my own bowl at times. You can also add more or less ham and dumplings. My husband likes a heartier soup so I tend to add more. Enjoy!!.

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