How to Prepare Appetizing Southern Style Fresh Green Beans

Southern Style Fresh Green Beans. Fresh Green Bean Recipe – Southern Style Here is an easy delicious fresh Green Bean recipe you can make for your family. This green bean recipe is super. How to cook southern green beans full of flavor using fresh green beans, onions, garlic, red pepper, smoked meat and red pepper.

Southern Style Fresh Green Beans
Now I won't even lie, I usually only fix. Southern-Style Green Beans are cooked long and slow until melt in your mouth tender. I'm always in for a home-cooked southern vegetable. You can have Southern Style Fresh Green Beans using 12 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Southern Style Fresh Green Beans

  1. It’s of hamhocks (salt pork, ham pieces, etc).
  2. Prepare of vinegar (for hamhocks only).
  3. You need of water or 1 carton (32 oz) chicken broth… for cooking hamhocks in.
  4. Prepare of salt.
  5. It’s of black pepper.
  6. It’s of onion (roughly chopped or sliced).
  7. It’s of garlic minced.
  8. It’s of bacon drippings.
  9. Prepare of green beans.
  10. You need of red potatoes.
  11. You need of vinegar.
  12. You need of hot red pepper… or 1/8 tsp of red pepper flakes (optional).

Admittingly, the color of Southern-Style Green Beans isn't nearly as appealing as that of fresh green beans. Now these Southern Style Green Beans combines fresh green beans, smoked bacon, and onion into the most mouth watering side imaginable. Southern cooking is a cure all for whatever ails you and may be the best regional cooking ever!!! How to Make Fresh Southern Style Green Beans.

Southern Style Fresh Green Beans step by step

  1. ***I use a pressure cooker for my hamhocks….. because I want them good and tender…..
  2. put broth or water, hamhocks, dash of vinegar, salt, pepper, 1/2 the chopped onion in the pressure cooker for 45-50 min…. I ONLY USE AN ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER…..
  3. *** if using salt pork cut into chunks and boil for about 20 min… just to make a broth.
  4. *** if using ham I use bouillon cubes to make broth or low sodium carton broth. lat the ham chunks on green beans… place of laying on the hamhocks.
  5. while hamhocks are cooking I put green beans in a colander and run lukewarm water over them… for 1-2 minutes…. then leave it sit until hamhocks get done…..
  6. put baking drippings in heavy bottom pan (I've used veggie oil before)…. set on med and then add the remaining onion and garlic… skillet only needs to be warm when adding onion and garlic… turn skillet up to med/high and when hot add green beans after 3-4 minutes and 'fry'. make sure they all get oil on them..-.
  8. using a soup scoop… put 2 scoops of broth from your pressure cooker over the green beans…. turn fire up until it starts boiling…. then turn back to med heat….
  9. add vinegar and stir well…… I have pepper vinegar I made…. and put a tablespoon in my green beans…
  10. wash and cur potatoes in half… sprinkle with light salt, pepper, garlic or onion powder and mix well by hand…. lay on top of green beans.
  11. lay hamhocks on top…. lay whole red pepper on top..(this will be removed before serving).
  12. let cook on once u have a slight boil .. turn down to med/low and let simmer for 25-30 minutes.
  13. salt and pepper to taste.

Once beans are all broken, wash green beans thoroughly, removing any dirt that might be present. Place into a large heavy saucepan or dutch oven and cover with water. Fresh greens beans cooked low and slow with just a bit of smokey bacon bring back great memories of family suppers. These "southern style" green beans are a tradition in many homes and are always at covered dish suppers and church picnics. Fresh green beans get extra heartiness from new potatoes, and extra flavor from bacon, onion, and white balsamic vinegar.

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