How to Make Perfect Pinto Beans from Florida

Pinto Beans from Florida.

Pinto Beans from Florida You can cook Pinto Beans from Florida using 11 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Pinto Beans from Florida

  1. Prepare of dried pinto beans.
  2. It’s of kosher salt.
  3. It’s of large onion.
  4. It’s of large jalapeño peppers.
  5. You need of large red bell pepper.
  6. It’s of Chorizo sausage.
  7. Prepare of ground cumin.
  8. Prepare of ground paprika.
  9. You need of lard.
  10. You need of chicken broth.
  11. It’s of water.

Pinto Beans from Florida instructions

  1. Wash the pinto beans and look for bad ones and foreign particles. Wash the jalapeño peppers, and remove the seeds and ribbing..
  2. Dice the jalapeño and onion..
  3. Wash the bell pepper remove the seeds and dice..
  4. Add to the pot with the broken up Chorizo..
  5. Sauté with the lard, add the cumin..
  6. Sauté for 7-8 minutes till the peppers and onions is softened. Add the garlic, and paprika..
  7. Add the beans.
  8. Bring to a simmer.
  9. Add the chicken broth and water. Bring to a rolling boil then turn to medium heat and cover to cook. Stir occasionally. Continue to add water as needed throughout the cooking process..
  10. As water as needed when the beans are as tender as you like add salt. Simmer 5 minutes stirring occasionally. I hope you enjoy!.

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