Easiest Way to Cook Perfect cuernavaca style white pozole with chicken

cuernavaca style white pozole with chicken. This Irresistible Chicken Pozole Verde (or Posole) is made with comforting hominy, spicy peppers, flavorful chicken and so much love. The BEST Classic Mexican Chicken Pozole Recipe. I'm heading on vacay, and Puerto Vallarta has been calling my name since late last month.

cuernavaca style white pozole with chicken We like picante food and would probably double the jalapeños next time. Transfer chicken to a cutting board, reserving broth, and let cool until easy to handle. Remove meat from bones and shred into bite-size pieces. You can have cuernavaca style white pozole with chicken using 10 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of cuernavaca style white pozole with chicken

  1. Prepare of hominy.
  2. Prepare of chicken drumsticks.
  3. Prepare of bay leafs.
  4. Prepare of hard boiled eggs.
  5. It’s of adobo.
  6. You need of chicken cubes.
  7. It’s of avacados.
  8. You need of cabbage.
  9. It’s of onion.
  10. Prepare of oregano.

Each time I've had to help it along by adding chicken bullion cubes. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if everyone else starts with chicken broth. Easy Chicken Pozole Rojo is a traditional Mexican Soup full of chicken, hominy and a red chile enchilada sauce. Super simple and under This green pozole with chicken recipe is exactly like we made it at home in Mexico when I was growing up.

cuernavaca style white pozole with chicken step by step

  1. put chicken in a gallon in a half of water with onion let boil.
  2. add bay leafs about 3-4 pinches of oregano.. about 3 chicken cubes and Adobo to taste.. constantly taste your soup to see if it's too salty..
  3. wait about 10 minutes and add hominy.. hominy takes about 29-25 minutes to cook and obsorb flavor…
  4. when done, serve in bowl and add avocado, egg and cabbage. (ps this is the way my mother in law cooks it and I learned how to make it for my honey .. the egg, I don't agree with..but its actually not that bad ^_^) add salt and lemon to taste.

Photos video & step by step instructions included. Use this easy recipe for a traditional Mexican white chicken pozole soup or add a few ingredients for the red or green varieties. Originally made with slowly cooked pork, the chicken version (pozole de pollo) of this classic has become popular in recent years. Related Post: White pozole with chicken. To make a green version of pozole, add Serrano chiles and tomatillos.

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