Recipe: Tasty Easy Pozole Mexican Style

Easy Pozole Mexican Style. Mexican American Pozole Rojo de Puerco! just the way your grandmother made it. Easy step by step recipe all you need is a little time. Mexican Style Green Hominy Chicken Soup.

Easy Pozole Mexican Style
She always celebrated with this soup and I can eat everything in it without being grossed out! It's very delicious and everyone always get seconds or thirds! Here's an easy Pozole Verde recipe that uses roasted poblanos to give the sauce some real flavor — so good! You can have Easy Pozole Mexican Style using 5 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Easy Pozole Mexican Style

  1. Prepare of Pork ( I use shoulder).
  2. Prepare of Hominy ( Juanita 25 oz can).
  3. It’s of Chicken bullion ( Knorr 7.9 oz).
  4. It’s of Menudo seasoning mix (El Mexicano 3/4 oz).
  5. It’s of Chipotle peppers in Adobe sauce.

In Mexican cuisine there are two versions of Pozole that you'll frequently come across: Pozole Rojo and Pozole Verde. Pozole Rojo is typically served with pork and relies on a longer simmer in a. Pozole, AKA posole or pozolé, is a traditional Mexican soup. Because making it is labor-intensive and time-consuming, it's often a treat for special This is a white pozole recipe made with chicken.

Easy Pozole Mexican Style instructions

  1. Fill out a large pot with water (I used approximately 2 gallons of water) and bring to a boil. Rinse pork and place in boiling water. Add the chicken bullion ( I use the whole container; you can add more or less). Cook on low-med heat until the pork is tender, making sure it's always under water..
  2. Pork should be tender when the meat begins to fall off the bone. Remove any bones or undesired fat. Add 4 cans of hominy (any desired amount) and menudo mix ( I use 1/2 bag). Simmer ingredients for 20 minutes..
  3. Carefully pour out the sauce (not the actual pepper) from the chipotle pepper can. Add the desired amount of spice ( a little goes a long way so beware). I add 3 sazon packets to add a bit more of flavor and give the soup a nice red color but it's not necessary..
  4. If you would like to make your own sauce instead of using chipotle sauce: bring to a boil a "bunch" of dried ancho peppers or chile de arbol (which is real spicy). Pour the chiles with some of the boiled water and blend in a blender. Pour the chile contents into a strainer (you want the sauce and not the peel or seeds). Mix with pozole..
  5. Garnish with fresh cabbage and radishes. Enjoy with chips or bread!.

The white pozole is the easiest of the major types of pozole to make. I found this recipe on Simply Recipes. Ridiculously easy, inexpensive Mexican pozole (posole) recipe that is sure to impress with pork, hominy, green chilies, and a twist of lime. This may just be the easiest pozole recipe ever. Seriously it is easy, inexpensive and feeds an army.

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