Recipe: Perfect Awesome banana, carmel bread pudding

Awesome banana, carmel bread pudding. Banana Caramel Bread Pudding is on the menu in Chef Anna Olson's amazing kitchen, and she is going to teach you how to make this delicious recipe from. Recipe for making banana bread pudding, with bursts of juicy raisins. Topped with creamy caramel sauce, this bread pudding is best served warm.

Awesome banana, carmel bread pudding This recipe uses caramel sauce which. Roxanne Chan created this rich, creamy bread pudding to mimic the flavors of a favorite bar cookie. Arrange banana slices over bread cubes, then sprinkle with chocolate and nuts. You can cook Awesome banana, carmel bread pudding using 9 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Awesome banana, carmel bread pudding

  1. It’s of margarine or butter.
  2. Prepare of horchata dry mix.
  3. You need of eggs.
  4. It’s of sour cream.
  5. Prepare of Carmel Macciado creamer.
  6. It’s of milk.
  7. It’s of banana.
  8. You need of heavy bread (French, challah).
  9. It’s of mini cups of Carmel chocolate creamer.

Drizzle caramel sauce evenly over top. Bread, bananas and chocolate chips are featured in this bread pudding. I thought the idea of chocolate banana bread pudding sounded great. Then I read the recipe and saw that there was only one measly cup of chocolate chips in the recipe.

Awesome banana, carmel bread pudding instructions

  1. pre heat oven 325.
  2. in large bowl, mix margarine with horchata mix till creamy. add egg one at a time. mix in sour cream..
  3. mix in Carmel Macciado creamer and milk.
  4. slice bananas, add to mixture..
  5. slice bread in squares or pull apart. add to mixture til most has been absorbed into bread..
  6. pour all into a greased 9×13 baking pan.
  7. pour little creamers on top. put in oven for 60-90 minutes.
  8. let cool (if desired) before eating (I liked mine hot).

We upped the ante on the classic banana pudding with lightly spiced Biscoff cookies and a quick homemade salted caramel. This Caramel Banana Pudding is more like banana bread topped with creamy caramel sauce. It's still a yummy way to celebrate bananas! Recipe adapted from Donna Hay's Fast, Fresh, Simple. Only thing better than banana pudding?

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