Recipe: Tasty Chicken with Cider & Bacon Sauce

Chicken with Cider & Bacon Sauce. Pour in the cider and season with a pinch of salt. Serve immediately, taking the pot to the table and allowing people to. How & Why I wash Chicken before cooking.

Chicken with Cider & Bacon Sauce
Cider Vinegar Chicken. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Chicken in cider – an easy to prepare casserole worthy of any dinner table. The cider gives a fantastic rich flavour to this casserole making it tasty enough to serve for a dinner party and. You can cook Chicken with Cider & Bacon Sauce using 18 ingredients and 16 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chicken with Cider & Bacon Sauce

  1. Prepare of Chicken.
  2. You need of boneless, skinless chicken.
  3. You need of slt.
  4. Prepare of freshly cracked pepper.
  5. Prepare of chopped thick bacon.
  6. You need of minced sweet onion.
  7. It’s of apple cider.
  8. Prepare of apple ale.
  9. It’s of fat free, less sodium chicken broth.
  10. It’s of Spiced Apple Side.
  11. Prepare of butter.
  12. You need of granulated sugar.
  13. It’s of Saigon cinnamon.
  14. You need of salt.
  15. Prepare of heavy cream.
  16. Prepare of splash of spiced rum (I prefer Bacardi Oakheart).
  17. You need of apple, largely diced (I used a honeycrisp).
  18. You need of chopped thick-cut bacon.

Remove chicken from pan, and set aside. Add remaining butter and onion, apple, garlic, thyme and bay leaves. Chicken cooked with tarragon and cider makes a quintessentially British, crowd-pleasing casserole. Brining in a salt-and-cider mixture makes this Cider Roasted Chicken flavorful and moist; basting with reduced apple cider adds a hint of sweetness.

Chicken with Cider & Bacon Sauce instructions

  2. Place chicken on a firm surface and flatted with a mallet o Rollin pin to 1/2 inch thickness..
  3. Sprinkle chicken with salt an pepper on both sides..
  4. Cook bacon in a large pan over medium heat until crisp..
  5. Remove bacon and placed on paper towels to extract some grease..
  6. Add chicken to the drippings in the pan; cook for 6 minutes per side, or until done..
  7. Remove chicken and cover with foil to keep warm..
  8. Add onion to the pan; saute for 2 minutes or until tender, stirring constantly..
  9. Add cider, ale, and broth; bring to a boil, scraping pan to loosen brown bits..
  10. Cook until broth mixture is reduced to 1/2 cup (about 5 minutes)..
  11. Stir in cooked bacon. Turn off heat and serve over chicken..
  13. In a small sauce pan, melt butter over medium-low heat..
  14. Add sugar, cinnamon, salt, heavy cream, and rum; mix to incorporate..
  15. Add apple slice and cook until tender..
  16. Place beside the chicken and top with bacon pieces..

Season the chicken with salt and pepper and add to the hot skillet. Carrots, parsnips, and chicken simmer in a sauce of apple cider and chicken broth, making a delicious and homey stew—perfect for a chilly fall evening. This creamy chicken dish is a perfect mid-week supper – easy to make but delicious. These cider chicken thighs savory, tart, tender and crispy. It's baked in a delicious leek and apple Take this chicken in cider juice for instance.

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