Recipe: Yummy Pina Soda Sorbet

Pina Soda Sorbet.

Pina Soda Sorbet You can have Pina Soda Sorbet using 5 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Pina Soda Sorbet

  1. It’s of Barrs American Cream Soda.
  2. It’s of Caster Sugar I used Truvia zero calories.
  3. Prepare of liquid glucose.
  4. Prepare of egg whites mine weighed 104g.
  5. Prepare of Bacardi pina colada.

Pina Soda Sorbet step by step

  1. Put American cream soda and sugar in a pan and heat until boiling till sugar dissolves. The mixture will fizzle but will quickly calm down, then take off the heat to cool..
  2. In a jug whisk the egg whites until foamy and thick like meringue mixture..
  3. Add the pina colada & liquid glucose to the egg mix and give a good stir..
  4. Pour the American cream soda and sugar mix into the jug with the egg white mix and stir, then when cool enough lid and pop in fridge to cool. About 30 minutes but I ran out time and left it overnight.
  5. Turn ice cream machine on paddles turning pour the mixture in & leave to run for the 60 minutes or until the machine beeps..
  6. Put in freezer containers & lid. This is creamier the 1st time and after the freezer is like snow cones. You can put containers in zip lock bag then freeze as it should prevent over freezing..
  7. Enjoy….

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