Recipe: Appetizing Piña/sandia loca crazy pineapple/watermelon

Piña/sandia loca crazy pineapple/watermelon. Core pineapple and watermelon mango cut into slices. Chef Gerardo Gonzalez's recipe for sandia loca (a.k.a. crazy watermelon) forgoes Gonzalez encourages improvising the fruit salad with different kinds of melon, pineapple, papaya, even Slice the stem end of the watermelon so it can sit flat. Halve the watermelon, the short way if it's oblong.

Piña/sandia loca crazy pineapple/watermelon Here goes one of my fav fruit snacks.none other than the Piña Loca! It is so delicious and refreshing, an absolute must on a sunny day! verdadero Sandia Challenge – Meno Cocina. You can have Piña/sandia loca crazy pineapple/watermelon using 9 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Piña/sandia loca crazy pineapple/watermelon

  1. Prepare of pineapple.
  2. It’s of watermelon.
  3. It’s of chamoy.
  4. Prepare of tajin.
  5. You need of lemon juice.
  6. You need of mango.
  7. Prepare of cucumber.
  8. It’s of Mexican candy your choice.
  9. Prepare of tamarindo.

Sandía Loca = Sandia + pepino + jícama + piña + cacahuates + dulces + takis y mucho chile y limón. Sandía Loca means "crazy watermelon" in Spanish. It is a traditional Mexican dish that is a party for the eyes and the mouth! Rumble — Piña Loca Méxicana – Mexican Crazy Pineapple.

Piña/sandia loca crazy pineapple/watermelon instructions

  1. Core pineapple and watermelon mango cut into slices.
  2. Mix pineapple watermelon mango cucumber together with chamoy and lemon juice.
  3. Use pineapple and watermelon as serving bowl.
  4. Feel each one with fruit mix.
  5. Top with your choice of Mexican can i used gummy bears and tamarindo spaghetti 🙂 drizzle chamoy lemon juice and tajin.

Sign in and be the first to comment.. and disable advertisements! Piña Loca Méxicana – Mexican Crazy Pineapple. Piña Loca al buen humor por miguel. Tepache de piña – Pineapple Tepache. No te preocupes por el calor nosotros ponemos la Piña Loca.

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