Recipe: Appetizing Stuffed Crepes

Stuffed Crepes.

Stuffed Crepes You can have Stuffed Crepes using 20 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Stuffed Crepes

  1. Prepare of Crepes Recipe makes.
  2. Prepare of flour leveled.
  3. You need of milk.
  4. It’s of eggs.
  5. It’s of sugar (optional).
  6. You need of butter (melted).
  7. Prepare of Stuffing.
  8. It’s of cooked shredded beef.
  9. Prepare of cooked shredded chicken.
  10. It’s of large green pepper.
  11. It’s of medium sweet pepper.
  12. Prepare of small onions.
  13. You need of oil.
  14. It’s of water (optional).
  15. You need of Garlic (to your taste).
  16. You need of Ginger (to your taste).
  17. It’s of Thyme (to your taste).
  18. You need of Curry (to your taste).
  19. You need of Maggi.
  20. It’s of salt.

Stuffed Crepes instructions

  1. Sift flour and sugar in a bowl.
  2. Add eggs and milk to flour and mix properly leaving no lumps.
  3. Add melted butter to flour mixture and mix.
  4. Use a non stick on low heat and pour mixture till it fills pan. (Don't add too much put it in small batches).
  5. For the stuffing heat oil on pan on a low-medium heat.
  6. Pour in onions, garlic and ginger and fry lightly.
  7. Add the cooked shredded beef and chicken and add the curry, thyme, Maggi cube and salt and stir for 5 minutes.
  8. Add chopped peppers(should be chopped in strips). Leave for some minutes to heat up..
  9. P. S. I don't like my peppers to cook too much so I leave it for 2-3 minutes to get steamed..
  10. Serve with water preferably or a nice drink..

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