How to Make Tasty Garlic, bacon brussels sprouts.

Garlic, bacon brussels sprouts.. To trim Brussels sprouts, simply cut off the stem end and halve. If they're large, you can quarter them, just making sure the Brussels sprouts are cut into uniform pieces so that they'll cook evenly. If you don't want to discard the leftover bacon drippings, carefully transfer to a heatproof container, cool.

Garlic, bacon brussels sprouts. I cut the brussel sprouts in half and set them aside. Each serving comes out to be. Add Brussels sprouts; stir to coat. You can cook Garlic, bacon brussels sprouts. using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Garlic, bacon brussels sprouts.

  1. You need 2 lb of brussel sprouts.
  2. You need 4 clove of garlic.
  3. Prepare 6 slice of bacon.
  4. It’s pinch of salt.
  5. You need pinch of pepper.
  6. Prepare 3 tbsp of butter.

Brussels sprouts and artichokes – two of our favorite vegetables that are becoming staples in everyone's kitchen. From salads to pizzas to simply roasted these recipes give you new. I love this recipe for Roasted Brussel Sprouts with garlic and bacon. Growing up I did not like eating Brussel Sprouts, but now I love them!

Garlic, bacon brussels sprouts. instructions

  1. Cut up bacon into tiny pieces and fry until crunchy like bacon bits.
  2. Clean and half the brussel sprouts..
  3. Melt the butter put the brussel sprouts in and brown the flat sides. They may have to be fine in batches.
  4. Once browned and soft, add the minced garlic salt to taste, pepper to taste and bacon. Mix all of the ingredients, add the lid and steam on a low fire for 5 more minutes..

They are one of my favorite roasted veggies to eat. And it is a great recipe if you happen to be on the Keto diet. Even better if they're sold still on the stalk. Save time by working like a professional cook and do all like prep work at once. Here's what you need: brussels sprouts, bacon, salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, fresh chive.

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